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Cassette deck/CD player/USB RECORDER

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This combined cassette deck and CD player, which can also record to USB flash drives, includes a microphone jack with an echo function that can be used for karaoke

A cassette deck and CD player in a single unit. This combined model also supports recording and playback with USB flash drives for a total of three types of media. The built-in mic input jack also allows you to enjoy karaoke using backing music playing from a CD, cassette or USB flash drive. You can also mix in the mic input sound and record it to a cassette tape or USB flash drive.*1 A variety of recording combinations are supported, including recording from a cassette tape, CD, external input or mic input to a USB flash drive (as an MP3 file) as well as recording from a CD, USB flash drive (MP3 file), mic input or external input to a cassette tape*1. Extensive timer* 2 functions include cassette recording and playback as well as CD and USB flash drive playback.
Various playback modes include programmed, repeat and shuffle playback from CDs and USB flash drives. This cassette mechanism is a two-head single one-way type and supports cassette tapes in normal, chrome and metal (playback only) positions. This model offers key functions including pitch control playback (±10% adjustment range).
*1The mic sound cannot be recorded when recording from a CD to a USB flash drive.
*2A commercially-available timer must be purchased separately.

Main features

  • Combined cassette deck and CD player
  • USB flash drive recording and playback supported
  • Mic input jack with echo function
  • Karaoke function (mic input can be mixed with CD, TAPE or USB playback)
  • Pitch control playback function
  • Mic signal can be mixed with playback signal and recorded to USB flash drive or cassette tape (recording media and playback source must be different)
  • Two-head single one-way cassette deck
  • CD player supports CD-R/RW discs and MP3 file playback
  • USB flash drive recording and playback functions
  • Convenient timer function (requires use of a commercially-available timer)
  • List of functions

    • Recording from CDs, cassette tapes, mic input and external input devices to USB flash drives (as MP3 files) possible
    • Recording from CDs, USB flash drives, mic input and external input devices to cassette tapes is supported
    • Built-in mic input jack
    • Mic input can be mixed with CD, USB flash drive, cassette or external input
    • Audio with the mic signal mixed in can be recorded to cassette or USB flash drive
    • (The mic sound cannot be recorded when recording from a CD to a USB flash drive.)
    • Echo effect for mic input
    • MP3 file playback (USB flash drives and CD-R/RW discs)
    • MP3 file ID3 tags and file names can be shown (USB flash drives and CD-R/RW discs)
    • Timer playback function (CDs, tapes and USB flash drives)
    • Timer recording function (tapes only)
    • Recording level can be adjusted when dubbing (not possible from CD to USB flash drive)
    • Various playback modes include continuous, shuffle and program (CDs and USB flash drives)
    • Elapsed time and remaining time of playing track as well as total elapsed time and remaining time of disc shown (CDs)
    • Cassette tape counter function
    • Cassette tape pitch control (±10%) function (playback only)
    • Peak level meters function during recording and playback
    • Dedicated remote control
    • Compliant with RoHS


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Cassette deck/CD player/USB RECORDER

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